Monday, 21 December 2015

'Tis the Season

...for a grand holiday Quantum Capybara! What is a QC? BEHOLD... our latest issue will lay all your doubts to rest!

It's available right now to buy on our Comicsy shop and it'd make a great early January present for any fan of ants, pipes, or time travel. January is also the month that Father Christmas relegates present-delivery to colossal robot spheres that destroy everything they roll over so you'll get to witness that devastating spectacle. Bear witness also to our astonishing new cover by former 2000 AD design droid Pye Parr.

Another festive treat (from the end of last month, anyway) is the full first page of "Money Never Weeps" from issue five by top small press writer Derek Hamill and verifiable artgod David Frankum - shared on the glorious Mr Frankum's personal blog

Two new teasers for you as well from our Fifth Issue (still on sale in our shop) - the first from an excellent four-pager by newcomer River Apparicio and drawn by irrepressible up-and-comer Jim Lavery whose strong cartoony stylings will likely be gracing many a mainstream comic in the not-too-distant future!

The second is from the back-cover single pager written by co-editor Lady Geoffery Crescent and drawn by Journal favourite, musician and amazing artist Jake Rowlinson. It's dark - it's wordless - it's wonderful. 

From L-R: Lady Geoffery Crescent, Editor O, Nich Angell, James Stayte, Jon Lock & Lucy Brown (missing: Big Punch's Alice White)
Finally a holiday hoot for our brilliant Big Punch tablemates at this year's Thought Bubble - an utterly fantastic year for it and what fantabulous company!

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Teasers, Themes, Magazines and Capybaras


We speak to you now in an utter flux - we have been de-homed by an infestation the likes of which we've never seen. These infernal things...

The Quantum Capybaras ... are a scourge the likes of which we've never encountered. The full details of our quarrels with these beasts are to be had in the final issue of The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel which will be out in only a few weeks at the Thought Bubble convention in Leeds and then Comicsy shortly thereafter. We'll be sharing a table with the friendly faces of Big Punch Studios and remain cautiously optimistic that our infestation doesn't become theirs...

We're still almost hilariously behind on one-panel teasers for our past issues - and above here are the 'latest' two from Issue 4 (we've still got some physical copies left but BARELY ANY on our Comicsy shop).
Firstly "The Warning" - a hilarious one pager from comics maniac Stu Perrins drawn by Bristol designer and awesome man Aidan Barnard (previously having done "The Legend of Robot Man" in Time Travel issue 1 written by Arron Ferguson). 
Secondly "What Are the Odds" a haunting four pager by Paul Bradford illustrated by Joe Palmer both of whom were completely new to the Journal at the time!

The other big news recently has been our astonishing inclusion in Future Publishing's "Comic Heroes" - many thanks to the multitalented Mike Garley (his manly hand pictured above)! Horror fans would do well to investigate his currently-running Kill Screen Kickstarter. "A strong example of self-published comics at their most slick and exciting" not MY words but... oh wait they are my words. Either way - do pick up Comic Heroes as if this glorious feature is anything to go by it's a serious mag to watch. Independent comics forever! 


So the deadline for scripts for Wild West themed issue ARE NOW CLOSED but we are willing still to accept one or two pagers until December 1st. As for four pager scripts the new theme (for 2017) is WIZARDS. Think classical fantasy but with a psychedelic twist - self contained stories only full details and guidelines here.

The final deadline for these scripts is September 1st 2016 so you've got a time! Spread the word!!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

The Great HQ Shake-Up of 2015


To those waiting on script feedback and correspondence from us HOLD ON - Geoffery and I have just moved into a swanky new HQ structure. It's a hell of a thing. More... mushroom than building... it's hard to describe. But keep an eye out for a likeness of the new digs in future publications. Speaking of:


(edit: This is NOT the final art deadline for the Wild West issue, that is in 2016)

This does NOT count any edits that are done to submissions - so if you've got a script under consideration or mid-editing it's not in jeopardy. IF YE ARE ON THE CUSP of submitting then DO IT. DO IT NOW. Details here.

After this we will be accepting scripts for our 2017 issue only - the theme will be announced on September 1st on our FB and Twitter and then here. Then into the garden for the snakes alone to hear.

Image result for melksham comic con 2015

Next weekend is the wonderful Melksham Comic Con - a convention we always love doing and is this year sure to be an utter blast!

We were also treated in the last two months to some work-in-progress stuff from the last issue of the Time Travel Journal - notably from the brilliant Matt Herbert, whose art on a script from the glorious J.S. Adams is breathtaking.

Also in: two teasers from Issue 4 (still available to buy here - and there AREN'T MANY COPIES) - the first is "Time for Justice" a twisted tale about a time travel game show by Bristolian and New Scientist writer Arran Frood and painted by the superlative Bruno Stahl (whose glorious looking new book "The Hans" is on sale NOW) .
The second is "The Universal Market" - a glimpse at a shopping trip through time by whirling comics dervish Blas Bigatti and drawn by small press god David Broughton!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Moon in June


Let me lay it on you - there's sand everywhere here. We think it's being dumped here from next year. We're not sure what happens exactly that creates so much bloody sand but hey, we clearly decided to funnel it back in time a few months so that we don't have to deal with it. But we do have to deal with it and it's probably our annoyance at ourselves that makes us do it in the first place. Y'dig? Either way - it's not cool daddio.

Women Write About Comics

However in news of things that ARE cool - our assistant editor Lady Geoffery "Spelling Is Important" Crescent did an interview with Women Who Write Comics about her editing process. Which you can read here.

We got a mention in David Hailwood's latest round-up of his doings which includes a teaser image of his story in Issue 5 "Everlasting Peace" with Tony Suleri - you can get issue 5 here!

Embedded image permalink

...and a glimpse forward in time to our last time travel issue from the twitter of artist Trystan Mitchell - the story "Timepoint" is written by Chris Redfern and you'll find out more about it when we d├ębut at Thought Bubble in November!

Above there is two more teasers for our fourth issue available to buy here - the first is for "The Sleep House" an unsettling tale of a bleak future written by Shaun Avery (formerly of "Timepiece" in Issue 3 and due to appear in our last issue) and drawn by small press legend Chris Askham whose dark monochrome stylings also graced zombie story "Source of Infection" in Issue 1!

The second teaser is for the back-of-the-issue single-pager "Thyme Travel" as always written by co-editor Lady Geoffery Crescent and drawn by the everglorious Gavin Mitchell of Stiffs and Santa Claus vs the Nazis fame. 

Monday, 4 May 2015



It's been a busy old time at Psychedelic HQ since the last blog - first off co-editor Geoffery and I have had a trans-dimensional plasma llama show up and well you can guess the rest #plasmallamaproblems - am I right?!

Here's Geoffery Crescent with Issue 5 which we debuted at the excellent 'n' friendly Birmingham Comics Festival last month. Lady Geoffery event went as far as to speak on her first panel about the issue and we had many chats with a multitude of grand folk. Special shout outs to our other favourite small press anthologies Futurequake & Disconnected Press as well as those bewildering types who do single story comics (IMAGINE!) Mr Vince Hunt, Mssrs Jasper Bark & Mick Trimble, Mr. Jim Alexander, Mr Sam Roads and a special hatdoff to premiere artists Matt Soffe (who did our first cover!) and the legendarily stealthy artist-of-mystery SKD. The biggest hurrahs and halloos have to be hollered for Mr Paul Birch & Mr Steve Tanner (of Time Bomb Comics) whose glorious heads  and hard work we have to thank for the events cognition and organisation. We'll definitely return in 2016!

Our first teaser for Issue 5 is above - the brilliantly silly "Lunch Time" by Chris Cosentino & Andrew Scaife - Mr Cosentino is a completely new face in the Journal whereas Mr Scaife is an old hand having drawn "Karma Traveller" in Issue 1, "Why Hasn't Anyone Killed Hitler?" in Issue 2 and "Timeholes & Teaspsoons" in Issue 3 as well as lettering a fair chunk of our output. What ELSE can this Andrew character do?! Well - he can do a good line in hugely viral pixel art and also is known to reference Taylor Swift on occasion...

If that has got you hankering a slice of Issue 5 you can get ahold of the physical issue RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND on Comicsy -->

You'll notice that Issue 4 is still in our store as well but there are very limited numbers! Here are some new teasers for that rapidly-disappearing be-pterodactyl'd issue:

"The Ghost of Montague Hall" is a stunningly ghoulish tale written by Massacre for Boys legend Chris Denton and beautifully rendered in stunning detail by Ladies & Gentlemen fellow Jordan Collver...


"Mackerelman Meets the Lady of the Lake" is a tongue-in-cheek silver-age comics romp blending fightsy superheroics with Arthurian legend - ably written by Michael Norwitz and drawn by small press veteran Stephen Prestwood!

Finally we've already had two marvellous reviews for the fifth issue - one from prestigous comic website Bleeding Cool by Olly MacNamee:

...and the second from reviewking and nice fellow Steve Hargett:

Sunday, 12 April 2015



It's three months since our last update and things at Psychedelic HQ have been in upheaval. The fifth issue is now officially wrapped and below you can see the remarkable new cover from the phenomenally talented Mr Kev Levell:

Blimey. In other news we had a smashing time in February at Cheltenham's new True Believers convention - one to check out again next year for certain. A well-attended and pleasantly run con in the plush interior of Cheltenham racecourse. It was gamblelicious.

A brand-new teaser for Issue 4's "Jurassic Crash" by Matthew Allen and Dave Thomson - Issue 4 is available still over on Comicsy in physical form but there aren't many left. It'll be available digitally from the end of this month - keep an eye pinned to our Facebook or Twitter for updates!'s that glorious cover again! To signify that next weekend co-editor Geoffery and I will be debuting the fifth issue at The Comics Festival at the Edgbaston Cricket Ground. The second new convention we're attending this year and it's set to be an absolute blast!

REMEMBER... we're still looking for wild west scripts for our 2016 western issue - guidelines and details be here

Friday, 9 January 2015

2105... 2015 ... 2501


Happy new year from us at Psychedelic HQ! There have been all sorts of weird time-fluctuations in our base already this year - the worst being the sudden appearance of an archaeopteryx in our bathroom. It flapped about for a bit. Destroyed the bidet. Bit of a shambles really. With that in mind we're sort of looking forward to the final Time Travel issue this year and our transition into The Psychedelic Journal of the Wild West. With this in mind Geoffery has bought a cactus - hoping to encourage an end to the weird chrono-goings-on about the place. The archaeopteryx ate it, naturally.

On that note we are currently OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS for the first Western issue - guidelines and tips can be found here.

We're currently busy finishing up the Fifth Issue but above is another teaser for our fourth issue which there are plenty of and which you can buy here.

"The Birthday Present" is a comedy gem about stroppy princesses, time travel (naturally) and horse theft and is written by the brilliant David Sands - and this was his first comic script although he regularly documents The Misadventures of Spartacus Murphy. The art is by perennial Journalfavourite and be-whiskered artlord Jake Rowlinson who also drew "Consequences" in Time Travel #1 and "Taste of Extinction" in Time Travel #2 both of which are still available digitally here.

Keep your noses to the ground for information about our next issue - and look out for us at True Believers in Cheltenham next month. More info here.