Monday, 21 December 2015

'Tis the Season

...for a grand holiday Quantum Capybara! What is a QC? BEHOLD... our latest issue will lay all your doubts to rest!

It's available right now to buy on our Comicsy shop and it'd make a great early January present for any fan of ants, pipes, or time travel. January is also the month that Father Christmas relegates present-delivery to colossal robot spheres that destroy everything they roll over so you'll get to witness that devastating spectacle. Bear witness also to our astonishing new cover by former 2000 AD design droid Pye Parr.

Another festive treat (from the end of last month, anyway) is the full first page of "Money Never Weeps" from issue five by top small press writer Derek Hamill and verifiable artgod David Frankum - shared on the glorious Mr Frankum's personal blog

Two new teasers for you as well from our Fifth Issue (still on sale in our shop) - the first from an excellent four-pager by newcomer River Apparicio and drawn by irrepressible up-and-comer Jim Lavery whose strong cartoony stylings will likely be gracing many a mainstream comic in the not-too-distant future!

The second is from the back-cover single pager written by co-editor Lady Geoffery Crescent and drawn by Journal favourite, musician and amazing artist Jake Rowlinson. It's dark - it's wordless - it's wonderful. 

From L-R: Lady Geoffery Crescent, Editor O, Nich Angell, James Stayte, Jon Lock & Lucy Brown (missing: Big Punch's Alice White)
Finally a holiday hoot for our brilliant Big Punch tablemates at this year's Thought Bubble - an utterly fantastic year for it and what fantabulous company!

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