Saturday, 31 October 2015

Teasers, Themes, Magazines and Capybaras


We speak to you now in an utter flux - we have been de-homed by an infestation the likes of which we've never seen. These infernal things...

The Quantum Capybaras ... are a scourge the likes of which we've never encountered. The full details of our quarrels with these beasts are to be had in the final issue of The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel which will be out in only a few weeks at the Thought Bubble convention in Leeds and then Comicsy shortly thereafter. We'll be sharing a table with the friendly faces of Big Punch Studios and remain cautiously optimistic that our infestation doesn't become theirs...

We're still almost hilariously behind on one-panel teasers for our past issues - and above here are the 'latest' two from Issue 4 (we've still got some physical copies left but BARELY ANY on our Comicsy shop).
Firstly "The Warning" - a hilarious one pager from comics maniac Stu Perrins drawn by Bristol designer and awesome man Aidan Barnard (previously having done "The Legend of Robot Man" in Time Travel issue 1 written by Arron Ferguson). 
Secondly "What Are the Odds" a haunting four pager by Paul Bradford illustrated by Joe Palmer both of whom were completely new to the Journal at the time!

The other big news recently has been our astonishing inclusion in Future Publishing's "Comic Heroes" - many thanks to the multitalented Mike Garley (his manly hand pictured above)! Horror fans would do well to investigate his currently-running Kill Screen Kickstarter. "A strong example of self-published comics at their most slick and exciting" not MY words but... oh wait they are my words. Either way - do pick up Comic Heroes as if this glorious feature is anything to go by it's a serious mag to watch. Independent comics forever! 


So the deadline for scripts for Wild West themed issue ARE NOW CLOSED but we are willing still to accept one or two pagers until December 1st. As for four pager scripts the new theme (for 2017) is WIZARDS. Think classical fantasy but with a psychedelic twist - self contained stories only full details and guidelines here.

The final deadline for these scripts is September 1st 2016 so you've got a time! Spread the word!!

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