Thursday, 18 July 2013

This Ain't the Summer of Love


"This ain't the garden of eden
There ain't no angels above
And things ain't like what they used to be
And this ain't the summer of love"

Or alternatively just slip into your Time Egg™ and travel back to '67. It's easy if you try! 

Here's this fortnight's first NEW NEW TEASER for "Why Hasn't Anyone Killed Hitler" - written by Jim Woodall who's utterly knew to the comics game, he's a damned fine chap and has currently got a short sci-fi story out for t'Kindle called "Artificial". The art is by Andrew Scaife who you may recall from Psychedelic #1's "Karma Traveller". Since then he's been beavering away on comics production and at Bristol con this year brought out his debut one-shot New York Park. Why Hasn't Anyone Killed Hitler ain't the first script we've got centred around history worst 'tasch wearer but it's certainly the wittiest and weirdest - !

"Baba to the Future" was written by Michelle White who also spends her time describing monsters and writing/reviewing comics. Which ain't bad. The art is by Liam "Ghostpockets" Byrne a true comics auteur whose fine inkwork has been in literally every comic wot I've ever done - from Dr WTF #1 to now! Baba, a visually mindbending tale, will open Issue 2 and split your MIND IN HALF.

"The Life of Private James Munro" written by Gavin Johnston who's also got two amazing scripts sitting in our quantomvaults lost to time by some corruption of reality - one was meant for Dr WTF #2 and the other for Journal #1 but I've heard that a thiefsome artist got in and stole the latter ... their identity? For now, a bonafide mystery
James Munro is a stark and harrowing tale beautifully brought to life by Disconnected Press's Conor Boyle who's currently doing more things than any other human alive like this, this and this.

Liz Boyle, also of Disconnected Press has written a curious and jaunty tale featuring the familiar faces of some of histories greatest geniuses. "Out of Time" is ably illuminated by the striking pen of Allister Mackrell - a new face to the small press who came to my attention through the mighty 2000ad forum art competition. Speaking of, Liz runs the 2000ad forum short story competition also - which is also well worth a gander. 

WHAT IS THAT?! Well it's not a story teaser I'll say that much. It was a reward for our 160th "like" on Facebook who requested a "19th Century English Rifleman" which I (Editor O) duly drew shooting a time pod. It took so long to emerge that we're now seeking a 260th for further reward - which at time of writing we're only EIGHT away from getting. So if you want somethin' weird drawn for ya go get liking you varmit - CLICK HERE.

Also for some upcoming web publicity I stuck together covers #1 and #2 and it struck me how nice they look side by side. Look forward to seeing that replicated physically come August - !

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Cosmonauts - BEAR WITNESS!

WE HAVE A COVER - The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel #2 By Ben Wilsonham

WE HAVE A COVER! Issue 2's eyemeltingly glorious front is by the supertalented Ben Wilsonham - we met Ben at Thought Bubble last year and his superdetailed digital paintings immediately leapt out of his portfolio and started eating my face. We're going to see a lot more of this chap in future, mark my words! The ISSUE 3 WRITING DEADLINE has passed - the issue isn't yet full but we're currently still processing a mind-boggling amount of scripts and there are only eight pages left so that's a done thing essentially - if you're still waiting on a response from us hold tight! The next deadline is January 1st 2014 for the fourth issue.

Additionally the ISSUE 2 ART DEADLINE has come and gone and we've got one hell of a beautiful second issue.

I don't believe you.

OH DON'T YOU? Well here are some teasers you cheeky italic font.

The first here is for "The Clockwork Queen" - a smart little narrative set in a rich alternate time which came from a brilliant script by J.S. Adams. It's a universe that he may revisit outside of the brief tales of our anthology and we'll keep you informed if he does! The art on this tale comes from the perpetually glorious Dave Thomson who's been contributin' with us since the second WTF moons ago. We first met sharing a table at Bristol '11 - he was selling ZOO AD a fantasitc and ridiculous tribute to 2000ad - but I'd known him through his numerous brain-meltingly brilliant contributions to the peerless Zarjaz and Futurequake. Very excited by this one - !

"Grandfather Paradox" is written by small press veteran and general all-rounder Daniel Bell who also draws up a storm - his "Defiant" comic written by Andy Winter and published by Time Bomb looks like a historical treat and his recent Goose was a classic bit of small press superheroics. The art was provided by newcomer Brendan Purchase who we also met at Thought Bubble - his ink-splatted dark visuals are perfect for this story and he's also been recently seen in the second Professor Elemental comic.

"The Legend of the Robot Man" is a bizarre and colourful cartoony tale written by Arron Ferguson: one-half of sketch duo Not the Adventures of Moleman and Bristol-based poster artist and endless doodler Aidan Barnard. Definitely one of the brighter stories of the issue, possibly the strangest - although there are strong contenders on that front - !

"The Royal Chronometrical Society" is another visually blinding effort from the creative duo who 'rounded off the the first issue with the unforgettable "Whiskey & Wormholes" - Mr Mole writes: the man behind the words in the Professor Elemental comic and Mr McClements draws: a one-man comics dynamo who's been in literally every other small press 'thology out there and is currently working on something called "The Undoing" KABOOOM

Finally "Who Killed Judy Baker?" - a rather moribund tale brilliantly written by Chris Lynch whose also currently doing more dark things in The Magpye. It's drawn by Tom Newell who caught my attention when I lettered a story he worked on in last year's AAIIEEE!! edited by Davey Candlish.

There are still about five more stories waiting to be teased and we'll have a little image from each of them before the big day at the end of August! STAY TUNED!