Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Moon in June


Let me lay it on you - there's sand everywhere here. We think it's being dumped here from next year. We're not sure what happens exactly that creates so much bloody sand but hey, we clearly decided to funnel it back in time a few months so that we don't have to deal with it. But we do have to deal with it and it's probably our annoyance at ourselves that makes us do it in the first place. Y'dig? Either way - it's not cool daddio.

Women Write About Comics

However in news of things that ARE cool - our assistant editor Lady Geoffery "Spelling Is Important" Crescent did an interview with Women Who Write Comics about her editing process. Which you can read here.

We got a mention in David Hailwood's latest round-up of his doings which includes a teaser image of his story in Issue 5 "Everlasting Peace" with Tony Suleri - you can get issue 5 here!

Embedded image permalink

...and a glimpse forward in time to our last time travel issue from the twitter of artist Trystan Mitchell - the story "Timepoint" is written by Chris Redfern and you'll find out more about it when we d├ębut at Thought Bubble in November!

Above there is two more teasers for our fourth issue available to buy here - the first is for "The Sleep House" an unsettling tale of a bleak future written by Shaun Avery (formerly of "Timepiece" in Issue 3 and due to appear in our last issue) and drawn by small press legend Chris Askham whose dark monochrome stylings also graced zombie story "Source of Infection" in Issue 1!

The second teaser is for the back-of-the-issue single-pager "Thyme Travel" as always written by co-editor Lady Geoffery Crescent and drawn by the everglorious Gavin Mitchell of Stiffs and Santa Claus vs the Nazis fame. 

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