Friday, 9 January 2015

2105... 2015 ... 2501


Happy new year from us at Psychedelic HQ! There have been all sorts of weird time-fluctuations in our base already this year - the worst being the sudden appearance of an archaeopteryx in our bathroom. It flapped about for a bit. Destroyed the bidet. Bit of a shambles really. With that in mind we're sort of looking forward to the final Time Travel issue this year and our transition into The Psychedelic Journal of the Wild West. With this in mind Geoffery has bought a cactus - hoping to encourage an end to the weird chrono-goings-on about the place. The archaeopteryx ate it, naturally.

On that note we are currently OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS for the first Western issue - guidelines and tips can be found here.

We're currently busy finishing up the Fifth Issue but above is another teaser for our fourth issue which there are plenty of and which you can buy here.

"The Birthday Present" is a comedy gem about stroppy princesses, time travel (naturally) and horse theft and is written by the brilliant David Sands - and this was his first comic script although he regularly documents The Misadventures of Spartacus Murphy. The art is by perennial Journalfavourite and be-whiskered artlord Jake Rowlinson who also drew "Consequences" in Time Travel #1 and "Taste of Extinction" in Time Travel #2 both of which are still available digitally here.

Keep your noses to the ground for information about our next issue - and look out for us at True Believers in Cheltenham next month. More info here. 

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