Monday, 28 March 2016

The Psychedelic Journal of the Wild West

Proud to reveal the logo for The Psychedelic Journal of the Wild West debuting this August at the Bristol Comics Expo. Over the past few months Geoffery and I have been hacking through the submissions pile and lassoing artists for this special one-off cowboytastic issue of one-off western tales and I can promise you this: IT'S GOING TO BE BONKERS.

We'll still be selling the few issues of Time Travel we have left up til then - next month at the Birmingham Comics Festival for example. Not only that but we've just had our table at this year's Thought Bubble confirmed - we'll be sharing with small press legends FUTUREQUAKE PRESS.

Here's a little contributors spotlight on Andrew Scaife - above a new teaser for his story with Chris Cosentino in Issue 5 (limited issues still available here) and below an image from his Issue 6 story with Alistair McLean which the talented Mr Scaife shared on his Tumblr.

Preview for a comic I drew in the 6th and last Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel. Script by Alistair McLeanYou can buy it here and like it on Facebook here.

If pixel art, glorious pop culture references and 90s Lucasarts point & clicks are your bag then you'll possibly have already seen Andrew's amazing Buffy scenes which went viral the other year. Well these (and other) incredible pixel pieces will soon be available in a handsome hardback - watch his Point + Click Facebook Page for progress!

Finally back in the realms of the journal WE ARE CURRENTLY ACCEPTING SCRIPTS for our future 'Wizards & Sorcery' issue. All details as well as a pretty comprehensive guideline from co-editor Geoffery are available here!

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