Sunday, 5 June 2016

Shifting Deadlines, Shifting Porcupines


Spiky git.

Greetings Cosmonauts,

It's been a busy spring in Psychedelic heights and our time-travel-free WILD WEST ISSUE is shaping up nicely. However - we've decided to push it's debut back til November's Thought Bubble event to give us a bit of indulgent extra time to sand off its splintery edges and ... another wood-based metaphor.

We've also decided to keep accepting scripts for our WIZARDS issue until then as well - so KEEP THEM COMING we've had an amazing haul so far! Submission guidelines here.

Our time-travelly issues are still available through Comicsy though - and being time travel they are ALWAYS RELEVANT. Take a gander thisaway.

We've been so inactive recently that we've managed only this single teaser since March but it's a good'un - for Issue 5's Making the Deal:

By top comedy writer Arron Ferguson and design legend Dunk Nimmo. You can see the other issue teasers here and purchase no. 5 here.

...and finally it was last week I was honoured to be asked by Mr John Freeman of Down the Tubes to write a tribute to one of contributors Stephen Prestwood who suddenly and shockingly died last month. You can read the piece here - it was an amazing task tracking down his collaborators who were unanimous in their praise for a small press stalwart and a truly inspiring man. For us he drew Michael Norwitz's Mackerelman Meets the Lady of the Lake in Issue 4 and solely created The Journey for the digital edition of Issue 1. Such a keen iPad convert he had become in recent years that he drew his strips directly onto it, I seem to remember it took him moments! As a consequence the dpi wasn't suitable for print, an issue that arose with Mackerelman which he then re-drew physically and mailed to me! Again - in barely any time at all. The speed of it wasn't necessarily what was awe-inspiring but the patience, the confidence, the energy of him.

Here then, The Journey:

As I reflected on Facebook only an hour or so after I heard the terrible news - he did everything the knight in the story did not. Through his art and the enthusiastic testimony of his friends we know that he embraced every moment, and therein lies the meaning of life.

Small press comics won't be the same without him - keep an eye on our self published allies Paragon and El Bigote who are both planning something remarkable in his honour.

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