Monday, 21 April 2014

April Events

Cosmonauts - !

It's been a quiet few weeks at Psychedelic HQ as we've been painstakingly scraping the algae off the back of a giant sea creature that emerged quite suddenly in our dining room the other week. We're not sure whether he's from the far future or the dim and distant past but he has a taste for port and has a laugh uncannily similar to that of Sandi Toksvig. Beside this occurrence we've been steeling ourselves for two future con appearances in early may the first at Lawgiver Con on May 5th and the second at Bristol Con the weekend following. Hopefully the seabeast will have departed before then....

'Lockjaw's Coming' graces the back page of Issue 3 (now available here) and is written by co-editor Geoffery Crescent who, when not fetching port for the seabeast, writes a lot of poetry and writes on-going fantasy novel Holem Vav. The art is provided by international comics whirlwind Gibson Quarter who regular draws up stuff for Ryan Sohmer's The Gutters and has graced books from Alan Grant's Wasted to legendary small press publications like Futurequake. Also if you look closely in Lockjaw's Coming there is a tiny reference to 7th Wave Comics' Undertow in which Quarter draws 'The Organ Grinder' :D

Yes - despite a swift banning by our respected law enforcers - we will be selling copies of the Journal alongside premier 2000ad fanzine Zarjaz. It promises to be quite an exciting event with appearances from top Dredd scribes & artists (including co-creator John Wagner!) as well as the cast & crew of fantastic fan film Judge Minty and actual judges in ACTUAL UNIFORMS DEALING OUT ACTUAL JUSTICE.

'Turn Back the Clock' also features in Issue 3 (still now available here) with a star-studded script from newcomer Mark Keenan - celebrity survival shows were never this deadly! Illustrated by small press journeyman Nathan Webb who has also recently drawn a Dredd tale for Zarjaz.

Our final teaser comes from 'Timeholes & Teaspoons' written by Comicsy mastermind and script DERVISH Tim West (who also wrote Issue 1's 'Not Everyone Deserves a Second Chance') and drawn by long-time Journalfriend and Bristolian artman Andrew Scaife - whose first witty 'n weird sci-fi solo comic New York Park is very much worth a look!

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