Sunday, 30 March 2014

Issue 3 Arrives!


It has been a busy while since our last blog and things here at Psychedelic HQ have been decidedly hectic. For one, some manner of futuristic dog has laid digital eggs in our foyer and we're not sure what to do about it. We've decided to just cordon the area off and not think about too hard about it.

Photo: Spotted in the wild - a single copy of Issue 2 sitting lonely in Orbital Comics London - ! It's a quid cheaper than we sell it online and conventions, which London cat will snap it up?

What you see here is one of the last copies of Issue 2 available sitting in Orbital Comics in London - not sure if it's still there since this photo was taken last month but visitors to this time period may find this an opportune moment to go and seek it out!

The biggest news since the last blog has to be the LAUNCH OF ISSUE 3 - with a beautiful cover by illustrator Carl Pearce it is crammed full of the uncanny and extraordinary. We'll be doing a few conventions this year, keep an eye on our FB page or Twitter for the first announcement VERY SOON but if can't wait or can't attend any the physical issue can be bought online over on Comicsy here: 

We've already got our first review from the wonderful Steve Hargett over on his review blog - which gives you a full run-down of exactly what's in there and who's done what! If any reviewers fancy a PDF to peruse give us a shout via the magic of e-mail.

Here's the first of three new(ish) teasers for the third issue - "Event Horizon" is a dark psychological tale written by Bristolian and Journal newcomer Mike Scrase who has been regularly putting out his Adventures of Zip webcomic (also ask him about curious Pokemon-Marvel mashup "Thorlax") and illustrated by the brilliant Matt Herbert (Journal #1 - "Thinking Outside the Box" written by Rich McAuliffe) who has been blowing the socks of Zarjaz readers for the past few years with his fantastic takes on 2000ad regulars. His Shakara from Issue 17 is EXTRAORDINARY.

"The Film Theory" is written by Argentinian script machine Blas Bigatti (Journal#1 - "Karma Traveller" illustrated by Andrew Scaife) who also has a story coming up the next issue and illustrated by the mysterious Mark Herstal who is new to the Journal....

Finally "The Terminal Solution of Alan Smith" by writer and musician J.S. Adams (Journal #2 "The Clockwork Queen" illustrated by Dave Thomson) and brilliantly drawn by Journal newcomer Jim Lavery who seems to be more comics than man and caught our eye doing a succession of very good Futurequake stories.

Looking much further ahead to next year's issue 5 we seemed to have started a creative fire between Chris Redfern (writer on Issue 3's "Primitive Possibilities" illustrated by JT Pegg) and Trystan Mitchell (previously seen in the second Dr WTF) - above is an early concept image. Keep an eye on their respective twitter feeds for more soon I expect. 2015 is looking brighter by the day!

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