Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Lawgiver & Bristol Expo

Cosmonauts - !

After a con double whammy this past week you find your editorial team so knackered we barely even noticed the 18th century ship crashed in the grounds of our landlocked HQ. All the crew were gone, save for an alarmingly anachronistic 1950s-style bulky robot singing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme ad infinitum in the hold. Just one of those things I suppose.

Above is our table at Lawgiver a small convention primarily celebrating Judge Dredd in Birmingham. We were fortunately endowed by Bolt-01 with some copies of the latest brilliant issue of 2000ad fanzine Zarjaz so had some relevance in those thickly Dreddy waters. It was an amazing day actually - and those curious about exactly what went on need look no further than a gloriously written piece by the friendliest judge of them all Judge Pal on Everything Comes Back to 2000ad. In the photo above surrounding co-editor O you have the brightly-shirted and phenomenally talented (seated) Barry Renshaw who was sketching all day and the brightly-shirted and phenomenally talented (standing) SKD who was helping Forbidden Planet flog Dredd-based merch and whose work on El Bigote has to be seen to be believed.

...and here is what happened at Bristol, we were unfortunately in Loki's way and the Asgardian chap was quite perturbed. Co-editor Geoffery (behind right) barely escaped where as Bristolian comic chap Mike Scrase (behind left) was not so lucky. It was a positive two days and much hugs and whoops should be given to fellow conventioneers Andrew Scaife & David Collings (New York Park & That Whole Buffy Thing) , Dani Abram & Ian Matthews (Razarhawk), Jess Bradley, James Stayte, Mark Pearce, Richard Worth & Jordan Collver (Ladies & Gentlemen), Jon Lock & Lucy Brown (Afterlife Inc.), Aldous Russell of the ever-glorious Cinebooks, Conor & Liz Boyle (Disconnected Press), Nich Angell & Alice White (7String, Cat & Meringue etc), Michael Stock (Dead Roots & lettering king), John A. Short (Kult Creations), Mike Garley (Eponymous), Adam & Hilary Steel (Darkmook Paper Miniatures), Bolt-01 (Futurequake Press), David Broughton (Martillo & Shaman Kane), the two chaps behind The Red Mask From Mars, the always-chapping Professor Elemental and the many friends and new folk who came and saw us and made it a lovely weekend. Click on all them links there - show 'em you care! Our next thing will be a pre-Melksham indie comics day in Melksham at the end of June. Time to hop in the capsule and go there forthwith!

Finally here is our most recent teaser from Issue 3 - "Time Piece" is written by small press journeyman Shaun Avery and is a noiry tale of the darker side of time travel, beautifully illustrated by the endlessly talented Roland Bird. All our other Issue 3 teasers can be seen in one place here!

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