Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Three Weeks 'Til Debut!


The issue is done - the printers are rolling and the promo rhino is being prepped for launch. Have you ever tried to launch a rhino? It's not easy!

This idyllic hog appears in "Karma Traveller" courtesy of powerhouse writer Blas Bigatti who produces more comic scripts than our promo rhino does thrilling pirouettes. More information (about the former) can be found on his blog: http://contenidosincontinente.blogspot.co.uk/

Andrew Scaife is one of the brilliant Bristol comic creators and is currently putting together his first full comic for sale at the May Bristol Expo - absorb his glory here: http://andrewscaife.tumblr.com/

"3000 Dollar Second" has been making a lot of noise - I spoke about it in the last blog entry in detail but our teaser has been featured around about the place including on the amazing ICN blog - Irish Comic News!

More in a fortnight - check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more microupdates ;)

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