Tuesday, 22 January 2013

January Update


I stand in front of you with a near-completed issue 1 - we're days away from the printers and BLIMEY IS IT WEIRD. Just compiling it me and m'colleagues head to wear extra boring clothes to prevent Psychedelic infection. Isn't fun to wear boring clothes, but it's less fun spending seven years in Finland under the impression that you be an otter.

This was me in the nineties

That they are ! Issue 3 needs a' filling and YOU are to fill it. YOU I said! Here's a bullet-pointed brief -

 - 1-to-4 pages 
 - MUST contain time travel
 - MUST be a one-off - no epic sagas, no tie-ins etc

Beyond that you are as free as a bird - there IS further reading though if you fancy it, in the form of the assistant editor's submissions guidelines which are numerous and blindingly helpful and can be found here: http://thepsychedelicjournal.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/submission-tips-dont-do-what-donny-dont.html

Talking of our assistant editor - Geoffery's story "Cuthbert Wax: Eco Warrior" got itself a teaser in the last fortnight - the artist is the wonderful Darren Stephens who can draw up a STORM and is a lovely chap - see more on his blog! http://dikiminster.blogspot.co.uk/

Geoffery meanwhile is thigh-deep in a giant bloody fantasy novel - get in here and remember the Vav are coming.
A few teasers doing the rounds are for Mike Lynch & Neil Ford's "3000 Dollar Second" - which is, frankly, stunning. Mike Lynch is more writer than man - one of the chaps behind Abandoned Comics and his Nestor comic won ICN's "Best Indy Comic" award last year. Which is blooming rad. Mike Lynch is no stranger to the Psychedelic stable having written "Clerical Error" the first strip in Dr WTF 2012

Neil Ford is relatively new to the small press scene having provided the striking cover to FutureQuake #18 - after the Journal we hope he gets snatched up. Not by an eagle. Which would be unpleasant.
This here image above depicts two battlin' robots. It was for a Mr Robert who was the 70th "like" for our Psychedelic FB page - took me a while to get 'round to it as we're now on 168! For the 170th like I'll draw another picture - and I'll also draw summat for the 60th follower of the Psychedelic Twitter. 

....and ye might get a shoddily drawn picture by me... or I'll get someone more palatable to draw it ;)
Our final teaser is for "History Lesson" by Alan Holloway and George Coleman  - 
George Coleman a.k.a. Dode C is a bonafide comics legend - having even drawn for the mighty 2000ad in his time - he mailed me the physical pages and I was BOWLED OVER.
Literally. I fell over immediately after this. Alan Holloway is a playwright, a rock reviewer, a stand-up, he won the Weakest Link and I'm pretty certain he could destroy Weston Super-Mare with a single thought if he needed to. Don't press him, Westoners! 

Let your wanderings through this glistening and bewildering void be pleasant - and watch out for otters, you never know WHO they'll be!

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