Sunday, 11 August 2013

Pre-Pre-Melksham Bloggery

Cosmonauts - !

Why it's only around 28000 minutes 'til the launch of Issue 2 at Melksham Comic Con. Things at Psychedelic HQ are frankly, a little hectic. The sheer universe-rupturing nature of compiling 14 new stories has caused the garden to melt. Which is a shame because before that it was a bloody nice garden.

This is the FINAL TEASER for the second issue - the glorious one-pager "Transition Lenses" written by co-editor, poet, food blogger, space explorer and horse whisperer Geoffery Crescent - like the first issue's back cover it's a snappy colourful tale of profound silliness. It's drawn by Dunk Nimmo; a British small press legend and computer game concept artist whose brilliantly cartoony and expressive work has graced the pages of the 2000ad fanzine Zarjaz for many many moons. We first met at the Birmingham zine fair when we were selling the long-gone Dr WTF comic and he drew us Tom Baker....
We're also pleased to announce that Issue 2 is now completely dusted and on the way to the printers... many thanks to our tireless and speedy letterers Dave "Bolt-01" Evans, Daniel Bell & Andrew Scaife. So it won't be long 'til we have something more concrete to show than single-panel teasers....

Also it should be noted that in Excelsior - local Bristol indie comics shop - there are THREE copies of the first issue available. If you're in the city support independent shops and get in there! As you can see it's nestled next to the second Professor Elemental comic as well - which features some of our contributors - 

We'll get another chance to blog before Melksham - and we'll do a feature on our contributors and friends who are also exhibiting there like we did pre-Bristol - !

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