Sunday, 26 May 2013

New teasers and Post-Bristol!

Cosmonauts - !

How be thou? Bristol was extraordinarily good - pictured below is co-editor Geoffery Crescent doing a bit of tableminding. 

Next to it is the Psychedelic family of stuff we usually sell - Jamella & Marmalad formerly a webcomic by editors Geoffery & O, Off Panel a small press top trumps game featuring many glorious folk, Professor Elemental Comics featuring Psychedelic contributors and steampunk shenanigans & Bear Pit a zine made up of Bristol creators. Psychedelic HQ is in Bristol and tis a marvellous and creative city.

Our next con is Melksham on 31st August where we'll be launching ISSUE 2 ... watch this space for more details...

Oh wait, here are some details. Well done space-watchers!

This is "Long Live the Leader" by the eminent Mike Lynch of Abandoned comics. He's done a great many scripts for us over the moons and this is one my favourites. Very future shocky with lots of glorious sci-fi. It's drawn by small press journeyman Ross Bampfylde whose gloriously physical and intricate artwork is a brilliant match for this tale of SPACE. AND TIME TRAVEL (obviously).

"The Taste of Extinction" is a brilliantly silly three-pager written by Jamie Lambert of Bearded Skull Comics - he also wrote the zombie story "Source of Infection" in issue one. This is ably and gloriously drawn by the perpetually fantastic Jake Rowlinson who I'm fully convinced could draw the ingredients from the back of a cereal packet and turn it into an enrapturing narrative. As such it's an honour to have him in the second issue of 2013 as well as the first - !

Watch this space for more teasers as Issue 2's production phase comes to a close we're getting more and more amazing stories coming in and I can't wait to show you !

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