Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Late April Shenanigans


Don't forget you can buy a shiny shiny pdf version of our first issue RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND. Or this one. Or that one. Blimey you're a slow reader. COMICSY HAS THE GOODS.

Earlier in the month phenomenal artist David Broughton did a dissection of his work on Oscar Maltby's demented story "Time Templars Vs the Daemonic Dinos" in the first Journal. You can read more into his process here and do check out more of him because he's simply ridiculous - the man did a page A DAY last December for the 2000ad forum advent calendar. Blimey. Bloody blimey.

What have Simon Bisley and Pat Mills got to do with the second Journal of 2013? All will be revealed this August when we launch it at Melksham comic con. Rest assured, it'll concern the brilliantly mad Bruno Stahl in some way.
Talking of Issue 2 - here's the first official teaser! From Arran Frood a Bristol-based science writer and regular attendee of Bristol Comic Creators meetings he's a veritable chap and makes his Journal (and small press) debut this issue. Also making appearing for the first time in the Journal is freelance illustrator Steven Austin who's been doing a bit of everything marvellously for quite a while now - he caught my eye with these marvellous test pages done from 2000ad's sample scripts. "Is It Safe to Go Back?" is one of our more dark and thoughtful tales - expect more teasers soon as it's going to be a BEEFY issue. It won't contain beef though. Unless you buy the variant beef edition which won't exist.

This chirpy version of our logo is representing us on the Thought Bubble exhibitors area and if you click on it a GIANT WHITE SQUARE EMERGES. WOOOOOOAAAAH. You can see it here, we're nestled amongst some of the best people in the small press which is smashin' and lovely.



So fill those boots full of sand, sit at the desk and fling us your scripts to psychedelic.submission@gmail.com the rules are this simple 

:: 1 - 4 pages
:: Time travel
:: That's about it

We respond to EVERY SUBMISSION within a week in hugely constructive way, SO WHAT THE BALLS ARE YE WAITING FOR? A HADDOCK?!

We're done here.

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