Thursday, 21 March 2013

DemonCon 5/Reviews

Cosmonauts - !

Geoffery with various wares and a fried egg gingerbread lolly

It's been a busy old fortnight for the Journal - we've sold over half of our first print run in a month and we made our second convention appearance at DemonCon5 in Maidstone. Cheers to the Grinning Demon for putting it together, we shall return!

We've also had our first review from contributor Alan Holloway over at his blog who said lovely, lovely things. If you know someone who'll review it or want to review it yourself - give us a shout at and I'll fling you a PDF.

Another reminder about submissions for Issue 3 - we've now only 30 or so pages left to fill. The deadline is July 1st but, as with Issue 2, we may fill it long before then. Also, as there was some confusion, if you've submitted to a previous issue you CAN submit to the third! So... well there's no excuse. If you've got a psychedelic time travel story that needs telling, or you want to draw one let us know - !

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